Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The man to thank for our trip to Amsterdam

Do you know who this man is?

A. Albert Einstein

B. A Dickens character

C. Randy Petersen, founder of

If you said C., you win a free souvenir from our free trip to Amsterdam. We have Randy to thank for our free trip. Free. FREE. Fa-WHEE. Tom won two premium+ seats on OpenSkies new route to Amsterdam thanks to a promotion on A big thanks to Randy for the tickets and for inventing such a great travel forum, which has helped us share travel information, get many great deals and have fun communicating with others who love to travel.

Dank u wel. (For you Pennsylvania Dutch, this is real Dutch for "thank you" and is pronounced dahnk you well. Go figure. Finally, a language that makes phonetic sense.)
(Photo: The New York Times)

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