Friday, January 14, 2011

My DIY: No sew faux fur pillow

While other people were building entire beds, I hide some stuff in the name of decorating.

This faux fur bolster is a cape I thrifted. I loved the silver-grey color of the fur, but unfortunately the cape was sized for a linebacker, and I never got around to altering it. It took up too much space in the closet, so I folded in the collar, rolled it up and pinned it. You could do this with that fur fabric you've never done anything with.

Voila. Free fur pillow. For more faux fur projects for people who actually sew, check out Burda's roundup.

In other news, we completely rearranged the living room, which is a big exciting deal when it's practically your only room. (And, due to the wonders of blogging, I know it was almost exactly two years ago this month since we last moved our furniture around and then did it again a week later.)

It also allows me to highlight my beloved media cabinet, which Mr. Bromeliad made a couple of years ago, just so you know we do serious DIYs also. Sometimes. At least every few years. Or at least he does.

I puffed up our sagging sofa pillows without buying any pillow fill. I have a vast collection of unused but somehow valuable throw pillows. I stuffed one throw pillow inside of each sofa pillow and rearranged the loose fill around it. Now all four sofa pillows are fluffed like new, and I gained about two square feet of storage space where the throw pillows used to be.

I love the new room arrangement. The room feels bigger even though there is more in it. Now it just needs something rustic on top the armoire and some more lighting and some art on the wall and, oh, some throw pillows. Maybe a little one on that chair made with this fabric.


  1. Oh my... I envy your room!
    So beautiful and well arranged! My room is such a mess *meh*.
    I seriously fall for that wood cabinet, look stern and strong.


  2. The stuffing of the sofa cushions with spare throw cushions is an inspired idea and I'm HUGELY impressed by the media cabinet. The room looks stately and serene, a wonderful combination.

  3. Your room is beautiful! I love the simplicity. You have some great ideas... using existing pillows in storage to fluff up your decorator pillows.. brilliant!

    And now I wish I'd kept the faux fur jacket that I had and didn't wear because it was too short.... alas.

    Lovely blog!

  4. Lookin good! I love how creative you are!

  5. awesome conversion from cape into pillow. love that

  6. Your living room is lovely! I'm extremely impressed with the cabinet.

  7. I am currently rearranging my family room and choosing new art and colors. I love the fur pillow and your idea of using old pillows to fluff a couch. Love the ideas sooo much I am now following.

    have a great weekend.

  8. I love the room. So calming. That media cabinet i amazing - very clever, Mr Bromeliad!

  9. Stop playing! Mr Bromeliad made that cabinet? It's gorgeous!!!! Love the cape/fur bolster too.

  10. Gorgeous room! I love the bedding and the fur pillow

  11. Your living room is gorgeous. I love all the clean lines and minimal pieces. The lamp is especially gorgeous and you gotta love all that natural light you have :).


    1. Thanks so much. It hasn't changed much since then.